Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

FrancisCorps at Duke University

April 9, 2013

FrancisCorps is so fortunate to have among it’s most ardent supporters so many of the college campus ministers from across the country. These women and men who serve the needs of Catholic students appreciate the unique opportunity that FrancisCorps provides to their students; a small, intimate experience that focuses both on the service being done for the poor and also the personal growth of the volunteer. They know that it’s in that balance of service and community life that the college graduates integrate what they have experienced at school and help them shape the kind of of adults they want to be.

The Duke Catholic Center under the direction of one of our own Franciscan Friars, Fr. Michael Martin is one of several campus ministries that have been so supportive. FrancisCorps’ Friar Rick Riccioli and Jordan Differding are on the campus of Duke for the weekly Tuesday Night dinner at the Catholic Center where they will help students reflect on the possibility of doing a year of service after graduation.

Post-Graduate service, sometimes known as a “gap year” are often mistakenly referred to as a year “off” when in fact it’s very much a year “on”. It’s a wonderful opportunity to focus the college/university learning achieved, consolidate personal growth and obtain hands on experience serving the poor. It also looks really good on a resume.

Friar Michael Martin, OFM Conv.

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