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Feb 1 Priority Access Deadline Approaching

January 27, 2015

Priority stampThis year we are trying something new in our Priority Access application processing.

Applicants who submit their complete application by Feb 1, 2015 will have their application reviewed and if suitable will have an online video interview. Applications will then be either declined or granted Priority Access status.

What does that mean? What do I get from Priority Access?

Applications that receive Priority Access status will have priority over all other applications that have the same ranking at the April 15 general review. So, if two applicants have basically the same score after the application process and interview, the applicant with Priority Access will be the one accepted.

Why not just accept the applicants in February?

FrancisCorps is not just about filling slots for service sites. We are also seeking to form communities of young adults. We need to look at the pool of applicants and see which ones will best form the best community. Often it comes down to some really amazing applicants who could easily fit it well together. In that case the persons with Priority Access would be the ones accepted.

velvropesWhen will I know?

Our aim is to get back to you within days of your deadline with an interview time and then after the interview just a couple of days before a formal offer of acceptance.

What about the other dates?

April 15 is our General Application Review. Since this is all new to us, we presume that this is when most applications will come it.

May 15 is the Late Application Review for all those applications that come in after April 15. We’re talking about you gentlemen! 🙂

After May 16 we will continue to accept applications if we have room in our communities. Please call us to verify. 315.706.8260


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