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FrancisCorps volunteers have left family, friends and home for a whole year to be of service to people they do not know here in disadvantaged communities in Syracuse, NY. They serve as mentors, teachers, coaches, counselors, companions, and community organizers with refugees, the homeless, the mentally ill, the abused, the elderly, the developmentally disabled, and the young. These young men and women live simply and humbly all so that each day they can go out to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, comfort the dying and in so many ways support those who are affected by violence, exploitation and poverty. They help people rediscover their dignity.

This amazing service, however, is only half of the FrancisCorps experience. While the volunteers are changing lives with the work they do, their lives too are being changed. They support each other through a commitment to intentional community lived through daily prayer, shared meals, sharing of their faith and a common dedication to the service of others. These volunteers are offered support through extensive one-on-one staff involvement, five retreats experiences, and a pilgrimage experience. The young men and women who become FrancisCorps volunteers dedicate a year of their lives to the service of others. The FrancisCorps experience aims to turn that year into a lifetime committed to service inspired by the Franciscan charism.

This life changing service, however, is only possible because of the amazing generosity of individuals just like you. Please join us in supporting these exceptional young men and women and ensure their year of service becomes a lifetime of service.

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