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March 4, 2015

Visit-Syracuse-website-logoA small city, a hub of refugee resettlement, a hotbed of young adult music and technology innovation, basketball’s Orange, an awesome St. Patrick’s day celebration, sizzling Jazz festival and proximity to the jaw dropping parks, gorges and falls, these are but a few of the things that make Syracuse a perfect place to spend a year of service in Central New York.

Oh, and did we mention the snow? Yup, if you’re going to have a crazy wild experience during this year of service you can’t beat our snow and all the activities that come with it. But don’t worry, it melts by July. Hahaha… just kidding. It goes pretty quickly and leaves behind a Central New York region that feels fresh and alive for you to discover.

Our FrancisCorps volunteers live a 8 bedroom house in a residential section of the city where they build their community together and bring that experience of caring for one another to the neighborhood in the service they provide; feeding and clothing the poor, caring for the sick and vulnerable, mentoring youth and serving those in need. Find out more about a year of service in SYR

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