FrancisCorps | Syracuse, NY

Costa Rica Volunteers’ Final Retreat

July 12, 2013

FC 14 CR reflecting on community

Our FrancisCorps volunteers who have served in Costa Rica for the past year have finally made it home. After a bit of a delay due to mechanical problems they arrived in Syracuse where they spent a couple of nights with the Syracuse volunteers before heading out to Green Lakes, NY and the Alverna Heights Nature and Spirituality Center.

The volunteers have begun what we call the “Transition” retreat where they have a chance to reflect on their experience and evaluate the program. Key to this time is a process of deciding what of this past year they choose to leave behind and what they plan to take with them as they continue life’s journey.

Sister Caryn, Jordan Differding and Friar Rick are leading this process of reflection through various activities and time for relaxation, swimming and conversation.  The retreat will ends on Sunday with a BBQ at the home of a benefactor where all the FC14 volunteers, friars and friends will celebrate the end of an awesome year.

Please pray for our volunteers on retreat.

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