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Congratulations Pope Francis

March 13, 2013

We give thanks to God for assisting the College of Cardinals in electing such a humble and kind man as Cardinal Bergoglio as Bishop of Rome and Pope. He is 76 years old and the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He has taken the name Francis… is it for Francis of Assisi or for his Jesuit brother Francis Xavier or even for St. Francis de Sales? Who knows? What we do know is that already he has signaled some important things. First of all he came to the balcony after his election is his simple white cassock. No other adornments except for a silver cross. He began by praying for Benedict XVI, Pope-Emeritus and then prior to giving the usual blessing he asked for the people’s prayer and blessing upon him.  Wow!!! Whichever the Francis he has chosen as his patron he seems to be a very humble man. His motto as bishop was “Unworthy, yet chosen”. He was known for eschewing the fancy cars and driver of the other bishops and taking the bus to work. He lived in a simple house and did his own cooking. Some of that may not be possible as pope, but we can expect some interesting changes at the Holy See.

Let’s pray for Pope Francis, that like Francis of Assisi, he may lead us in the footsteps of Jesus Christ… the footsteps of self-less love and service.

For more information visit the News website for the Vatican.

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