Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults | Syracuse, New York

Casie cares for abandoned children

January 3, 2014

Casie James FC 15 Volunteer

Casie James

Home: New Orleans, LA

Interests: Reading, running & fantastic shower singer

Studies: Tulane University: Psychology, Spanish and Pre-Medicine

Service: Manos Abiertas home for abandoned disabled children, Costa Rica

Working with the disabled population at Manos Abiertas has taught me many lessons thus far. One patient in particular has tugged on the strings on my heart. Her name is Darling. She cannot walk, talk, or see. She eats through a feeding tube and breaths through a tracheotomy. I had convinced myself, prior to this program, that I knew what it meant to be human and deserve treatment. Darling came incredibly close to the outskirts of my definition of a person. Yet, she was entrusted to my care. I found it hard to look her in the eyes and convince myself she did not deserve my attention. In fact, I could not. I know that she is a human being, that she has dignity, and that she deserves respect. Her well-being is in my hands, and I do my best every day to make sure her needs are met.

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