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Care for Senior Citizens

March 20, 2015

Carl (FC 16) assists with physiotherapy.

Carl (FC 16) assists with physiotherapy.

Hogar Santiago Crespo is a home for senior citizens especially those who come from very modest families or have no one to care for them.  The hogar provides all sorts of recreational and therapeutic services as well as a loving environment for the residents.

As a FrancisCorps volunteer you can work in the development of activities and, depending on your background, in services such as physiotherapy.  One of the most important aspects of this ministry is simply being present to the seniors and showing them respect, care and love.  The ministry at this site does not require any specific skills except an open heart and generous spirit toward our elders.  This site could be of special interest to students interested in healthcare, social work, psychology, gerontology and physiotherapy.

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