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Build Community Among “At Risk” Families

March 27, 2015

Erin (FC 16) shares a good story!

Erin (FC 16) provides some scholarly help!

As a FrancisCorps volunteer at Rostro De Maria, you will work closely with the children and their families.  You could be involved in all types of activities including tutoring, teaching basic English, catechesis, assisting with preparing the meals and cleaning the center.   To volunteer at Rostro De Maria, a volunteer need only be open to meeting the many varied needs of the community center and have a willingness to enter into relationship with the children, their families, your co-workers, and all who you meet.  This ministry site would be of special interest to volunteers interested in education, community organizing and social work.

Rostro De Maria, a private Catholic community center, reaches out to “at-risk” families and is especially attentive to the needs of youth.  The center offers lunch to about 70-100 people every day and complements this service with kindergarten, tutoring, and basic life skills.  This small community center operates very much like a family!


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