Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Requirements: What you’ll give and what you’ll get

A typical FrancisCorps volunteer will be:  

  • Male or female,
  • A young adult age 21 to 25,
  • A recent college graduate and/or have relevant life experience,
  • Roman Catholic or other Christian denomination,
  • *Eligible to be employed in the U.S.,
  • *Able to travel outside the U.S. on retreat and on pilgrimage.

Everyone participates

What you’ll give

As a FrancisCorps volunteer you will commit to:

  • One year (end of July – end of June) of serving, praying and living in community in Syracuse, NY,
  • Eat at least one meal as a community together, daily,
  • Pray together some form of prayer as a community together, daily,
  • Be available to one another to share your journey and experience, daily,
  • Celebrate community night with a FrancisCorps support person, weekly,
  • Share in a community meeting, weekly,
  • Engage in a community faith sharing, weekly,
  • Attend the Sunday Catholic Mass together as a community, weekly,
  • Attend key liturgical moments throughout the year,
  • Serve those marginalized, economically or otherwise, approximately 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at a service site,
  • Participate in 5 retreats and a pilgrimage,
  • Abide by the FrancisCorps personal conduct and alcohol and drug policy.

Brother Sun & Sister Moon!

What you’ll get

FrancisCorps will support you with:

  • A comfortable home to live in (with WiFi!), rent and utility costs included,
  • A monthly community stipend for food and supplies ($100 x # of community member/month),
  • A small monthly personal stipend for personal expenses ($100/volunteer/month),
  • Transportation to and from your service site,
  • No fundraising requirement,
  • Medical insurance provided by the work placement site (volunteers may elect to maintain their health insurance through their families),
  • Help navigating the process of deferring student loans (we can’t do it for you but we can help you through it!),
  • Flexibility with personal travel when the need arises (such as job interviews, family functions, weddings, emergencies),
  • Opportunities to host guests and share the FrancisCorps experience with your friends, family and loved ones,
  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with each volunteer,
  • Participation in the weekly community night,
  • Open and available lines of communication between you and your volunteer community and the entire FrancisCorps staff,
  • A weeklong orientation retreat to begin the year,
  • Three weekend retreats on community, service and prayer,
  • A weeklong pilgrimage experience to Assisi, Italy,
  • A transition retreat to end the year,
  • Least expensive transportation from Syracuse, NY to your home at the end of the experience.

*International applicants must arrange for the proper immigration and visa documentation. Canadian citizens who wish to apply to the program must arrange for a multiple entry B1 or B2 visa for the United States of America. All FrancisCorps applicants must be proficient in English.

We love Canada, eh!


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