FrancisCorps | Syracuse, NY

We took Comfort- Pete and Jeanina Lamanna

What were your initial feelings when your son/daughter mentioned they were thinking about doing a year of volunteering?

We were concerned because it was another year of postponing graduate school.

What worries, concerns or reservations, if any, did you have with your child’s decision about volunteering?

In our situation our son had already done a year of service with another organization so this was another year of volunteering.

How did your feelings change over the course of your son’s/daughter’s year of service?

We took comfort in the fact that FrancisCorps was a good experience and his work made a difference in the lives of many people.   He also made some lifelong friends while living in that type of community.

What kind of impact do you think a year of service had on your son/daughter?

It really gave our son the time needed to decide what direction to go in with his future.

Why would you/would you not recommend a year of service to a young adult like your son/daughter?

This is a difficult question.  I would recommend it for someone who is not sure what to do following undergrad.  It would allow them to do something very meaningful while taking the time to decide what they want to do.   It really depends on the individual and their situation.

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