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Daughter grew to appreciate simple things – Cynthia Snyder

What were your initial feelings when your son/daughter mentioned they were thinking about doing a year of volunteering?

My initial feelings were that I was so very, very proud that Angelique was wanting to “give back” to help her others less fortunate with her time, gifts and talents.

What worries, concerns or reservations, if any, did you have with your child’s decision about volunteering?

Living along the Mexican border, I am very much aware of the Cartel’s violence in this part of the world.  I was relieved to know that Costa Rica was a much safer area and I really didn’t need to worry about such issues.

How did your feelings change over the course of your son’s/daughter’s year of service?

I became more in awe at the wonderful group she lived with in Costa Rica and how each one of them did such wonderful services with FrancisCorp.  I grew to love all of them dearly and I have such high admiration for all of them.

What kind of impact do you think a year of service had on your son/daughter?

I admire how Angelique has grown to appreciate and love people from all backgrounds.  I loved that she grew to appreciate the “simple” things of life — nature, being with those you love, and being “helpful” to others.  It has helped her learn to adjust to living with others in community.  It has also helped her grow in her love and service to the Lord.

Why would you/would you not recommend a year of service to a young adult like your son/daughter?

I feel this is a wonderful opportunity for a young adult to pursue if that’s what they would like to do.  The only reason I would not recommend a year of service is if the individual doesn’t really want to do this.

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