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@AaronRodgers12 & Saint Francis of Assisi

December 13, 2012

Aaron Rodgers

Yesterday was Aaron Rodgers Day in Wisconsin. The #12 for Green Bay was being celebrated on 12/12/12 by people being engaged in charity.  That’s a pretty cool way to honor someone, eh!  What many might not know is that Aaron Rodgers also has an affinity with Saint Francis. This is what he said in an interview with NBC in May 2012:

I feel like my stance and my desire has always been to follow a quote from St. Francis of Assisi, who said, ‘Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.’ So basically, I’m not an over-the-top, or an in-your-face kind of guy with my faith. I would rather people have questions about why I act the way I act, whether they view it as positive or not, and ask questions, and then given an opportunity at some point, then you can talk about your faith a little bit. I firmly believe, just personally, what works for me, and what I enjoy doing is letting my action speak about the kind of character that I want to have, and following that quote from St. Francis.

So, his philosophy is very much like that of Saint Francis. You can be devout and dedicated to your faith and live it in the way you engage with others.

Although he’s one of GreenBay’s Packers…. we like to think of him as a FrancisCorps Saint!  Way to go Aaron Rodgers and to all those who  put their faith into action!

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