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A Prayer for the Philippines

November 12, 2013

Who Hurt Like We Hurt” – a prayer in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

They easily find places that most of us can’t locate on maps.
Storms kill thousands and harm millions of people we’re never given much thought to. We can’t stumble with them through the jagged debris. We can’t smell the stench. But our screens flood with images of rubble, of corpses, of endless lines for aid.
Will these scenes seep deep into our minds and hearts?
Can we feel the pain of sisters and brothers who hurt like we hurt?
Bleed like we bleed?
Mourn like we mourn?
Lord, give us compassion and a spirit of scarifice, to respond with generosity and prayers for those who’ve died in Typhoon Haiyan and those who’ll pick up the pieces.
Bless us, too, with the wisdom to weigh our ways of being
And discern how our lifestyles might be forcing nature’s hand.

Pat Finan, Center for Concern Education for Justice.

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