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39 tips to not go crazy on the way to Xmas

November 30, 2014

stress_free_christmasHere are some practical things to help us keep perspective during the Season of Advent and  make sure by the time we get to Christmas we are not totally going crazy.

1. Mend a quarrel.

2. Build peace.

3. Seek out a forgotten friend.

4. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust.

5. Write a love letter.

6. Share some treasure.

7. Give a kind answer even though you would like to respond harshly.

8. Encourage a young person to believe in him/herself.

9. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed.

10. Find the time.

11. Make time.

12. Forego a grudge.

13. Forgive an enemy.

14. Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

15. Listen more.

16. Apologize if you were wrong.

17. Be kind even if you weren’t wrong!

18. Try to understand.

19. Flout envy.

20. Examine the demands you make on others.

21. Think first of someone else.

22. Appreciate.

23. Be kind,

24. be gentle.

25. Laugh a little.

26. Laugh a little more.

27. Deserve confidence.

28. Take up arms against malice.

29. Decry complacency.

30. Express gratitude.

31. Go to church.

32. Stay in church a little while longer than usual.

33. Gladden the heart of a child.

34. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.

35. Speak your love.

36. Speak it once again.

37. Speak it even more loudly.

38. Speak it quietly.

39. Rejoice, for the Lord is near!

-list compiled by Tom Rosica, CSB

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