Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Manos Abiertas: Center for disabled youth and adults

Manos Abiertas is a private, Catholic,  not-for-profit organization run by a community of sisters. The agency is headed by a very dynamic sister, Hermana Marlene, who is like the Mother Teresa of Costa Rica.  Manos Abiertas serves disabled children who have been abandoned including terminally-ill children.  This center is composed of a small hospital and various residential groups according to the ages and capacities of the youth.  For many of the residents, Manos Abiertas becomes their permanent home.  Volunteer opportunities at Manos Abiertas includes organizing activities for the youth, providing care in the hospital and depending on volunteer’s background and education, could involve work in the pharmacy, physiotherapy, and nursing assistance.  This site is open to any occupant and would be of special interest to students of healthcare and social work backgrounds however, volunteers cannot practice medicine or nursing.

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