Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York


How to Apply:

Begin the Application Form

Send this link to 3 Personal References

Send this link to your Spiritual Reference

Download the Health Assessment Form


Apply Early, Get a Decision Early! Prior to February 1st applications are reviewed as they arrive.

February 1st for Early Action

March 15 for General Decision

May 1 for Late Decision

After May 1 please call 315.426.0481 to verify that we have spaces open.

Step One:

The Application Form: You fill this out online. It involves basic information about yourself and some simple questions.

Step Two:

The Personal Reference Form: You send a link to this form to 3 people who know you well and they complete it online. Personal References are people who know you well and they can be friends, teachers, counselors, etc. It’s best to have a variety of people.

The Spiritual Reference Form: You send a link to this form to one person who knows about your spiritual faith journey. Ideally it would be a member of the clergy, chaplain, or chaplaincy team member. Remember we’re not looking for perfect saints… at least not yet!  Although most of our volunteers are Catholic at various points on their journey, we are looking especially for people who are real and open to grow.  Please give your reference the freedom to answer the questions as honestly as possible.

The Health Assessment Form: This form you will need to download and take to your primary health care provider (Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner). Ideally it would be a person who has known you for a while, but sometimes in college that’s not always possible.  You can often go to your health center on campus.  Let us know if you need help!  When you finish with the Health Assessement Form please e-mail a clear scan or picture of the form (both sides) to then mail the original form to: FrancisCorps P.O. Box 11166 Syracuse, NY 13218

Step Three:

The Interview: After we’ve received your application, references and health form we will reach out to you and schedule an interview (usually over Skype).  In preparation for this interview we will send you some short answer questions for you to complete.  After the interview is complete we will get you a decision a few days later!

Step Four:

Facebook: We will need your Facebook password to get a sense of your profile, past behavior and suitability to be a FrancisCorps volunteer. Ha, Ha, just kidding! Way too creepy!

Step Five:

The Rest:  After your application has been accepted the final step is to gather the remaining documents to finalize your acceptance.  They include:

Hang in there!

Hang in there!

  • A current high quality digital photo of yourself that you will upload
  • Copy/Scan of your Birth Certificate
  • Copy/Scan of your Passport Photo Page
  • Copy/Scan of your Driver’s License
  • Official Transcript
  • Drug Screening/Background Check (we will help you through this process)

Once these last few elements have arrived and are confirmed, you’re in!  Welcome to FrancisCorps!

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