Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Deadline and Review Process

How to Apply:

Begin the Application Form

Send this link to 3 Personal References

Send this link to your Spiritual Reference


Apply Early, Get a Decision Early! Prior to February 1 applications are reviewed as they arrive.

February 1 for Early Action

March 31 for General Decision

May 1 for Late Decision

After May 1 please call 315.426.0481 or e-mail to verify that we have spaces open.

Early Action: February 1 – Applications are reviewed as they arrive and we may accept your application, decline your application, or offer you Priority Access status during the general decision process. Priority Access means that when the March 31 applications are reviewed and we begin forming the communities the “Priority Access” applicants of the same ranking will have priority over all other applicants.

General Decision: March 31 – Applications received after February 1st will be reviewed at this time and we will begin forming the two communities. Applicants who received Priority Access will receive a decision and be given the first chance to accept.  We commit ourselves to a rapid response to your application.

Late Decision: May 1 – Many applications come later in the Spring. We aim to have some spots available for our later applicants who apply by May 1.

After May 1: Depending on how our communities are coming together we may accept applications into the summer. It’s always worth asking if we are still accepting new volunteers.

Application Review and Acceptance

Your application form and references will be reviewed once all are received.  We will then let you know if your application has been selected for an interview.  We will follow up with usually a Skype interview or if distance and finances permit (It always comes down to finances, doesn’t it?) we will try for an interview in person.  We will then provide you with and ask you to complete and submit the Interview Reflection Questions.  Once we receive these questions we will schedule your interview.

After the interview your application will be reviewed and a decision will be made based on your compatibility with FrancisCorps’ focus on community, faith and service.   Once a decision is reached (usually within a week of your interview) we will notify you by email or telephone that:

  1. We will accept your application for the FrancisCorps location you requested, either Central New York or Costa Rica,
  2. We accept your application for your alternate location choice,
  3. We ask for additional information to help in our decision making process,
  4. We decline your application.

If accepted, we ask you to respond with a decision within a week.  We then ask you to provide some logistical documentation (Passport, Driver’s License, etc.) and complete a health assessment form and a drug screening/background check (we will help you through this process).  Only when we have received and reviewed this additional documentation will your acceptance be finalized.

Service Site Placement

After the communities begin to take shape in late April, we will begin the process of service site selection.  This process is one of mutual decision making.  We do not simply place you at a site.  Instead we ask you where and in what environment you feel God is calling you to serve.  Your preferences in terms of placement site (we have many different ones to choose from!) is considered as well as what we heard from you interview and the interests of the other volunteers you will be serving with.  We arrive at a final decision of service site placement together after a period of prayer, reflection, and dialogue.  We do our best make sure that where you will be serving will be fulfilling, challenging and life giving!

Thank you for your interest in FrancisCorps. Know that the current volunteers, friars, sisters and Poor Clare Nuns are praying for you during this application process.


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